Vidya Siri, bringing revolution in Education!!


Vidya Siri scheme provides accommodation and food charges of Rs 1500 per month to students of backward classes who can not afford to stay in hostels to pursue education. Now, it has been extended to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. This scheme benefits 75,000 students, every year.

Hut – Free State
The Government has set a target of constructing over 12 lakh houses in 5 years at the rate of 3 lakh houses per year. During 201314, 3.17 lakh houses and in 2014—15, 3.02 lakh houses have been built spending Rs 4555 crore. During 2015—16, 4.80 lakh houses are targeted for construction out of which 2.98 lakh houses are being built for SCS and STS whose contribution of Rs 30,000 will be paid by the Government.

The Government has also enhanced the unit subsidy of Rs 75,000 to Rs 1.20 lakh with effect from 2013 — 14 which is applicable to all the housing schemes under implementation in the State.

During the last two years, 15,877 sites have been distributed to the poor and during 2015—16, the Government intends to distribute 20,000 sites.

An amount of FRS. 3405 Crore has been earmarked during this year for distribution of sites and construction of houses.


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